Reading Already

I’m an English teacher, so I have high expectations from my kids and their reading.  So far, the first 3 are great readers: my 3rd grader has been caught meandering through the crosswalk with her nose buried in a book; my 1st grader always finishes her Book-It goal early in the month; my pre-schooler even has her favorite, cozy reading spot. IMG_6248






We’ve made it a priority to read to our children since their births…even just snagging a minute for a quick story after Daddy’s morning run. IMG_6035

Now, I’m thrilled to present the latest reader in the house:


On occasion, though, this new reader is just downright silly!

JCreading2  IMG_6370


Playdough! Purple, grape-scented Playdough even…

Lizzie has been begging for playdough for several days. Today, since I have a to-do list a mile long, I took 15 minutes and made a batch for her.  (Fellow parents: stop buying the junk from the store–this recipe is SO much better! [I didn’t even modify it, which is quite a feat for me.])

It doesn’t start out very pretty–kind of sticky and glumpy.  But after adding the boiling water and kneading it for a few minutes, it starts to look better and smell fantastic!











Then, here comes the fun part: watching your kids play!!











When Mama gets into the game, it bring everything up (or down!) to a new level (Lizzie says it’s missing armpits):


Into Every Project a Little (ha!) Mess Must Fall

My girls had a playdate this week with another girl from school.  I try to find crafts for times like these that don’t require a lot of policing or helping from me.  This time, I thought I found the perfect activity.  Easy, breezy, right?

I should have never even blinked, much less walked away:


   The finished project, though, is pretty darn cute.  Worth the mess?  Yeah, I think so…this time…

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