Lauren’s Story

Earlier, I posted my kindergartener’s poem for Gathering of the Talents.  Here is my 2nd grader’s story:


I could not believe I was going to get another sister! I already had two sisters named Caroline Belle and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sue. When my mom told us we were going to have another baby, I wanted a brother, but I guess God wanted me to have one more sister.

The night my mom had her, I stayed up until 2:00 in the morning without even dozing off once, waiting for my new sister. I was thinking about how my life was going to change, but I knew God would help me be a good big sister.  When she was born, we named her Josephine Celeste, but we call her Josie.

Josie is wonderful, but there are some crazy things going on in my life now.  I have to help my mom change diapers.  There is a lot more crying, and everyone sleeps less.  When my mom is making dinner or sleeping, I have to take care of Josie by rocking her, making her dance and reading to her.

There are a lot of good changes, too.  The best ones are more love, more smiles and a lot more cuddles.  Having four sisters in one family means lots of sparkly nail polish, lots of pink ruffles and lots and lots of dolls.

Being a big sister can be really crazy and even boring sometimes, but God wants me to be a big sister who loves her sisters.  He also wants me to teach my sisters about Jesus and His dying on the cross to forgive our sins.  I like to read the Bible to my sisters, so they can learn more about how to be a Christian.

Caroline, Lizzie and Josie are good sisters, and I am so proud to be in a family of five girls and one boy (my dad).  Overall, I am glad I got another sister.


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