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Summer Project Ideas

Lovely readers, I need suggestions.  I don’t want the summer to just fizzle and burn away (although, we live in Kansas, so the fizzle and burn will probably turn into sizzle and burn!) .

I’d like to have at least a little bit of structure for the girls.

Please, vote…and then comment with your best, most wonderful, fantabulous ideas!

Reading Already

I’m an English teacher, so I have high expectations from my kids and their reading.  So far, the first 3 are great readers: my 3rd grader has been caught meandering through the crosswalk with her nose buried in a book; my 1st grader always finishes her Book-It goal early in the month; my pre-schooler even has her favorite, cozy reading spot. IMG_6248






We’ve made it a priority to read to our children since their births…even just snagging a minute for a quick story after Daddy’s morning run. IMG_6035

Now, I’m thrilled to present the latest reader in the house:


On occasion, though, this new reader is just downright silly!

JCreading2  IMG_6370

Caroline’s Poem

My children’s school invites students to submit creative work to a yearly collection of talent, including writing, music and art.

Caroline’s submission this year was a poem, which shows some people may be a little more right-brained than others:


Vegetables are very yummy.

Vegetables are very good.

I like broccoli because they’re like trees.

Carrots are such a pretty orange.

Corn is the golden color of queens.

Peppers are spicy and sweet

(But don’t eat super spicy ones!)

Lettuce and spinach are like crunchy leaves.

Beans are so bumpy; they tickle my tongue.

Cucumbers are long and skinny.

Zucchini is what I don’t like the most.

And artichoke: yuck!

God makes all these vegetables, so we can grow plump and happy!

Books in the Morning (or Why We’re Late to School)

Makes my mother/teacher heart proud:



Hello, world!

I love to Read, Cook and Craft. (I also garden, write, teach, nap and watch my husband run races…)  Since I have also have 4 daughters, I have get to do all these things with kids!

This is my story.


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