Summer Project Ideas

Lovely readers, I need suggestions.  I don’t want the summer to just fizzle and burn away (although, we live in Kansas, so the fizzle and burn will probably turn into sizzle and burn!) .

I’d like to have at least a little bit of structure for the girls.

Please, vote…and then comment with your best, most wonderful, fantabulous ideas!


Planting Taters with Granny

The girls have no idea how lucky they are to have their great-grandparents as an integral part of their lives.  We see Granny and Grandpa (pronounced Grampa, which I learned nearly 2o years ago) at least weekly.  Generally, it’s lunch and playtime on a Sunday afternoon.  During the summer, though, the girls and I try to get out on weekdays to just let the girls run around outside.  You see, G & G have grass…and trees…and a garden.  (We’re still working on the grass and garden at home. Ugh!)

When we went this week, Granny had saved some sprouting potatoes for the girls to plant.  Whether or not the spuds survived the planting doesn’t really matter because the girls got to Plant Taters with their Granny!



















Even Josie got into the action:









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