About Hannie

I’m a wife and mother who is so blessed: I get a career in teaching college-level humanities classes AND I get to stay home with our four daughters during the day!  My older girls go to our church school, so I don’t have to worry about them during the day.  My younger girls are just the perfect age for playing, playing, playing…all day…without many naps! (YIKES!)

I love to read.  I veer from genre to genre: historical romance to theology…even dabbling in body-snatching vampire stories…maybe.

I love to cook.  I’ve decided there is a sixth love language: cooking!  If I love you, you will get food.

I love to craft.  Anything Martha can do…I can pretty much, almost do, too.


My ego-centrism is enough that I think you, the digital world, might be interested in my little world.



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