Knights, Bishops, Rooks…Oh My!

I have played chess since I was a little girl: I played my dad, my brothers, my cousin, my uncle. I never won.

Now, I play my daughters.  I can win…for now…but it’s a lot of work!  Bob plays them…and gets spanked! (In his defense, Caroline has some pretty impressive distraction techniques: next time you see her, ask what happens when you say, “Regis and Kaaaaaathy Lee!”)

Caroline Chess1

Lauren and Caroline have joined the Chess Club at school, and Lauren has started competing in localLauren Chess3 tournaments.

Her win/loss record isn’t amazing…yet…but she’s learning and having a good time.  photo 2







And…Chess Club meets every Wednesday after school until 5:00, which gives me a chance to “relax” while the other kids do this:

Lizzie Sleeping Josie Sleeping


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