Dinner Plans


The evening started out calm...

My grand plans for last night were of a restaurant-like meal with candle-light, wine, appetizers, main course, dessert, well-behaved children and an attentive husband.

Here’s what I got:

  • dim light because two light bulbs went out in the chandelier
  • wine for myself because hubby’s tummy was bothering him (I’m OK with that part…not the tummy trouble…but at least wine for myself!)
  • an appetizer of slightly doughy crescent-rolled Camembert cheese with triple berry fruit spread inhaled by three daughters (even baby had a taste) and aforementioned tummy-troubled husband before I got a nibble
  • a main course of diced pork chops and broccoli in a sesame-ginger orange sauce over rice (which, was INCREDIBLE!)
  • no dessert
  • children (If I can’t say anything nice, I won’t say anything at all, right?)
  • a husband who fed the baby

So…can I ask for much more than that?


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